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Chapter 16 of 'Anatomy of an Affair': Insult and Honor

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2009. Dec, 9th | 04:26 pm
posted by: jun_i in sings_the_blade

Chapter 16: Insult and Honor is up on ff.net.

Synopsis: Back in the palace, Kyuuzou anxiously awaits news of Kanbei. Meanwhile, Hyogo finally comes face to face with the murderer of his friends, but will insult be added to injury?

Rating: T for this chapter, M for the fic.
Primary characters for this chapter: Hyogo, Kanbei, (female) Kyuuzou
Secondary characters for this chapter: Kirara, (female) Heihachi, Rikichi, Katsushiro, Kikuchiyo, Ayamaro, Tessai


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from: gyen_gaoltosing
date: 2009. Dec, 10th 11:23 pm (UTC)

Dude, I cannot tell you how much you made my week by posting a new chapter of this story! I cheered aloud when I saw it.

My absolute favorite section, for the spectacular and amusing image it created:
Then, borne on the arms of Kunichiyo’s metal robot, Sir Hyogo was flying down the street, his long, flowing beautiful black hair streaming behind him.
“I’m sure all the bystanders must be slack-jawed admiring my beautiful, rare black hair blowing in the wind.”

*ROTFLMAO* That's awesome.

It was sort of scary how he went off on Kirara like that, and very realistic in how it happened--I could easily see it happening on the street (and even scarier to think of someone like Hyogo losing it AND being armed, but such is life in a major city).

I'm *SO* glad that we're at Hyogo & Kanbei's fight. I can hardly contain my excitement. :D Excellent, as always.

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