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Female Kyuuzou-and-Heihachi fanlisting updated

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2009. Nov, 10th | 10:30 am
posted by: jun_i in sings_the_blade

New entries in the fanfic and fanart sections, including fanart by lhye

F-Kyuu-and-F-Hei fanart listing
F-Kyuu-and-f-Hei  fanfic listing

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(no subject)

from: i_am_zan
date: 2009. Nov, 10th 11:50 pm (UTC)

wooow! I haven't visited your sight in an age ... such lovely artwork all! THANK YOU for putting them up to share and thank you very much for the links!

*hugs* and thank you for being a huge huge huge contributor and support for this little corner. *loves*

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Glad you like it!

from: jun_i
date: 2009. Nov, 11th 01:41 am (UTC)

You're more than welcome :-)

Thanks much for dropping by the fanart listing. The lovely list (and actually, the site itself, of course wouldn't have been possible without the talents of lhye, morgankit and sinjaangels. I'm pleased that they've chosen to share the f-Kyuu and f-Hei fun with the rest of us.

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